University of Arizona

More Facilities Management Units

Arizona Blue Stake

Arizona Blue Stake information, in case of emergencies, please call 621-5244 or 811 or 1-800-STAKE-IT (782-5348) statewide or 602-263-1100 (Maricopa County)

Carpenter/Floor Shops

The Carpenter Shop is committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and we have the finest team of carpenters to ensure that all the work they perform is always first-rate.

Electrical Shop

Electrical Services is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and installation of electrical systems throughout 11 million square feet of campus.

Elevator Shop

The UA Elevator Shop maintains and repairs over two hundred and fifty elevators, dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts. Our staff is well versed on the new equipment as well as the old.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is responsible for monitoring, testing, and maintaining fire alarm and fire sprinklers at all UA-owned buildings. Fire Safety is also in charge of overseeing security systems.

HVAC/Mechanical Shop

The HVAC/Mechanical shop is responsible for Preventive Maintenance and repair of Mechanical and HVAC equipment.

Moving Services

Facilities Management Moving/Set-ups Services offers the moving of furniture, labs, equipment, boxes, or just about anything else needing to be transported.

Metal Technologies Shop

Metal Technologies certifies and decontaminates chemical fume hoods, designs and manufactures metal structures, provides exotic and specialty welding, and more.

Plumbing Shop

The Plumbing shop is responsible for all steam systems, chilled water systems, sanitary sewers, potable water systems, natural gas, heating water systems, industrial water systems, heat exchangers, backflow preventers, and much more.


The Roofing Shop maintains 3.5 million square feet of roofing and moisture protection. We run an aggressive elastomeric recoating program that provides energy savings throughout the year.

Specialized Operations and Services Team

The Specialized Operations and Services Team maintains many critical buildings and related systems throughout the campus community.

Utility Heating & Cooling Plants

Currently, the University has three utility plants. Each plant provides chilled water and steam to the University and Medical buildings across campus