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Alejandra Zell
Program Coordinator, Special Events

1610 N Vine Ave.
Tel. (520) 621-7559
Fax: (520) 621-6086

Hours of operation are:
Office: M-F: 6:00am-2:30pm
Warehouse: 5:00am-1:30pm

Moving Services

Steven Natale,Coordinator Special Events
Office:520.621.4701        Fax:520.621.2034
Address: 1722 E. Enke Drive

Facilities Management Moving/Set-ups Services offers the moving of furniture, labs, equipment, boxes, or just about anything else needing to be transported. A contractor carries out the majority of these jobs. The moving contractor will supply boxes, tape, and other packing materials (there is a charge for this). The moving contractor can also supply packing services.

Please remember that all Moving Services are billable to the department that requests them. If you are requesting these services online, you must submit an Online Service Request Form.

Special Event Set-ups

Tables, chairs, trash cans, easels, staging are all available for set up on or off campus. Refer to equipment list for size and prices. All jobs must have a request for services form completed and received by Facilities Management Work Desk before being scheduled. To request services, you must submit an Online Service Request Form.

Loan Pool

University departments may borrow up to 2 tables and 4 chairs at no charge providing the customer supplies the vehicle and labor to pick up and return the equipment. Additional tables and chairs can be picked up and returned by the customer for equipment fees only. To request additional equipment you must submit an Online Service Request Form before pickup. Appointments to pick up and return equipment must be scheduled in advance.

Student groups: FM supports student groups with equipment usage for small events. Please contact Kathi Hart 621-1299 or Steven Natale 631-5588 to check on availability.

Any broken or missing equipment will be charged to the individual borrowing the equipment.

Small Events

The following is a guide of general information to request Facilities Management services for small Mall and Special Events.

Mall space assignments are not guaranteed until a completed Commercial and Mall Activity Request Form and all necessary signatures is submitted to the Event Scheduling Office. Be sure to also review and/or print the Mall Reservations Policy. (Mall Guidelines and Commercial Activity Policy and Implementing Rules are available from the Event Scheduling Office, Memorial Student Union, Room 201).

Mall Event Request Forms do not serve as requests for services/equipment.

Requestor may request small setups for tables and chairs directly from the work desk. Additionally, banner hanging can be arranged directly from the work desk. To contact the work desk please click on the Request Service icon at the top of the page or call 621-3000. Event setups are a billable service.

We offer a non-billable option for your small events! University departments may borrow select equipment at no charge providing they supply the vehicle and labor to pick up and return the equipment. Appointments must be scheduled in advance for this service. Contact Dave Parker at 631-5588 Monday-Friday, 6:00am-2:00pm.

A minimum of two (2) calendar weeks prior to the date of the requested event is required to coordinate Facilities Management services.