University of Arizona

Renovation Services/Estimates

Vincent Natale, Project Manager
Office: (520) 626-3234
Fax: (520) 626-2912

Renovation Services provides project management and estimating that may be as simple as rekeying a cabinet or remodeling offices, laboratories, or entire buildings. Our in-house draftsman works with Real Estate Administration and Risk Management and Safety to assure that compliance is followed in all your projects. We have three project managers and two office personnel that quote an average of 600 estimates and manage approximately 200 projects per year. Our fourth project manager works on large utility projects that enhance the capacity, reliability, and performance of utility distribution campus wide. We look forward to helping you create a new atmosphere to enhance your research goals and overall work environment.

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Sevices Provided:
  • Change the function of a room. Examples: renovate an office into a lab, a classroom into an office, etc. (Renovation Services must have Real Estate Administration and Risk Management's approval.)
  • Divide Rooms: offices, labs, and classrooms. (Renovation Services must have Real Estate Administration and Risk Management's approval.)
  • Relocate biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, ductwork, electrical, plumbing, cabinets, shelving, equipment, etc.
  • Upgrade heating, cooling, and electrical (panels, and circuits), plumbing, etc.
  • Construct walls, partitions, concrete pads, sidewalks, ramps and install windows.
  • Fabrication: cabinets, shelving, hoods, ductwork, and signs.
  • Installation: equipment, piping, wiring, conduit, workstations, flooring (carpet or tile), cove base, window covering (blinds), sound proofing, ceiling tile, thermostats, etc.
  • ADA upgrades: construct ADA restrooms, offices, classrooms and labs, install automatic door openers, widen existing doorways, etc.

University of Arizona CMR RFQ for AHSC Transformer Yard Expansion Project