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Renovation Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can the requesting department perform the work?

A) Generally not. Please refer to President Likins' memo for a complete explanation of the University policy regarding renovations of University Buildings.

Q) How soon will someone contact the department after a request for estimate is sent in?

A) Within two weeks, a Facilities Management Project Manager (PM) will be contacting you to arrange a meeting.

Q) How long will the estimating process take?

A) Based on complexity of the project, estimates will be completed as soon as possible.

Q) Once funded, how long before the project can be started?

A) Scheduling will depend on work load. The assigned PM will communicate scheduling information to the customer.

Q) How long is the quote valid?

A) Project quotes are valid for 90 days.

Q) Is the quote subject to change?

A) Yes, there are variables that could affect prices. The PM will discuss with you any changes in the original estimates. No work will be done without your approval.

Q) Does Facilities Management estimate voice and data jack installation?

A) No. This is a UITS (University Information Technology Services) Telecommunications function. They can be contacted at 621-8999.