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Paint/Sign Shop

Ron Ramsey, Supervisor
Office: (520) 621-7310
Fax: (520) 626-1646

The UA Paint Shop is comprised of a commendable team of professional painters who take great pride in their work. Whether doing a few touch ups, painting a few rooms or a complete building, we are committed to doing it right and making it all look great. We can handle special projects such as painting or restoring office furniture to make it look new again. Our work entails more than just keeping the inside and outside of a building looking good; we also take care of painting our athletic fields and courts, too. We maintain street markings such as crosswalks as needed and we perform graffiti abatement as quickly as possible. Our Sign Shop provides signage for building and room identification in written language and in Braille throughout the University community. We follow all guidelines and regulations set by the University, the city, state and the federal ADA laws. We fabricate signs for all types of safety issues for areas and issues that present a hazard in order to keep our University population advised of any potential danger. We always keep our customer in mind and always strive to keep our impeccable job productivity at the highest level possible.

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Services offered at no cost
  • ADA –compliant signs
  • Restroom Signage
  • Building Identification
  • Sign design consulting/estimating

Services offered with cost
  • Name plates/holders and installation
  • Vinyl names on ADA door plaques
  • Name Tags
  • Metal signs
  • Temporary signs
  • Directories
  • Banners
  • Lettering on windows and walls
  • Logos on windows and walls
  • Custom retirement cards