University of Arizona

Disposal of old equipment



  • Your old computer
    Properly disposing of your computer helps prevent mercury, cadmium, lead, and hazardous chemicals from leaching into our environment.
    All University computer equipment is sent to the Surplus Office for proper Disposal.
    Both Dell and Apple will accept your old machine when you purchase a new one.
    Personal computers and peripherals can be donated to World Care
    Wipe Hard Drives before disposing of PC's - use free software such as Darik's Boot and Nuke or BC Wipe.


  • Ink and toner cartridges.
    Cartridges can be refilled, re-manufactured, and re-used. Many re-manufacturers will take your used cartridge, refurbish it, and refill it.
    Re-manufactured toner and ink cartridges are considerably less than what they would cost new
    Facilities Management Ink and Toner cartridges are recycled by your area supply person.
    Hewlett-Packard will also recycle ink cartridges

  • Paper.
    Whenever possible, use post-consumer recycled-content paper.
    The cost and quality differences of recycled to virgin paper today is negligible.
    And remember to re-use blank sides of used paper for inkjet printing and scratch paper.

  • Batteries
    The Disposal of batteries at the University of Arizona is done by Risk Management Services
    Personal batteries should not be put in the garbage.
    Personal batteries can be dropped off at various locations throughout the County

  • Cell Phones
    University of Arizona Cell Phones must be recycled through the Surplus Office.
    Personal Cell Phones can be donated to the American Red Cross, Southern Arizona Chapter at 2916 E. Broadway Bldv.