University of Arizona

Buying New Computers

Here are some things to consider before purchasing a new computer:


  • Laptops are 50% - 80% more energy efficient than desktops. 

  • Look for the Energy Star logo! The Energy Star program was created by the EPA to reduce the negative effects that PCs have on the environment. In accordance with the voluntary guidelines, these computers, monitors, and printers can automatically power down to a sleep mode to save energy when not in use. Energy Star computers are 65% more efficient on average compared to equipment without this certification.

  • These added capabilities do not increase price nor decrease performance. If you cannot find a logo on your equipment, you can search equipment listings on the Energy Star Computers page.

  • If you are building your own system, look for an 80-Plus®-certified power supply. This is a certification that your computer power supply is at least 80% efficient, and is equivalent to current Energy Star guidelines with respect to your power supply.

Something to consider before purchasing a new printer:


  • Consider choosing an Inkjet printer vs. a Laser printer. Instead of drawing 60-100 watts of energy, they only use 10-15 watts.
    However, be aware that inkjets do not necessarily last as long and will need to be recycled sooner.