University of Arizona

Corrugated Boxes

Small corrugated boxes, including pizza boxes, can be flattened and put into large recycling boxes or bins labeled Paper, as long as they fit. Remove all packing material, such as plastic wrap, straps, foam blocks or packing peanuts. Attached envelopes and tape is okay. Packing peanuts must be bagged and deposited into large blue bins located inside or at the loading dock/service area of your building. Packing peanuts can be reused by UA Procurement, or taken to any UPS store.

Larger corrugated boxes must be flattened and taken to the outside recycling station of your building. Usually, this is located near the service entrance or loading dock to your building. If you need assistance in removing boxes or would like more information on where to take them, call 621-1264. For large amounts of boxes, please call in advance so we can provide you with an extra bin or gondola for easier removal. Or, ask your Custodial Service worker for assistance.

And, please, flatten those boxes!