University of Arizona

Office Clean-Outs

Our team can assist you with office clean-outs by providing extra recycling bins and gondolas, at no extra charge.

The following procedures will ensure that any recyclable materials will be collected and disposed of properly. If your department is planning an office clean-out, please call the Recycling Program three days prior to starting to allow the necessary receptacles to be delivered. Prior planning is an essential part of the process.

The Recycling Program does not provide sorting services, so items that are not properly separated for recycling will not be picked up.

The Recycling Program will provide

  • Bins or boxes for the properly sorted materials
  • Education necessary to ensure proper disposal of all materials
  • Removal of materials after sorting has been properly completed

Individual/Office/Department responsibilities

  • Separate and sort paper into one of the bins provided (a color guide is included)
  • Place bound books or journals in a separate container
  • Place any re-usable items such as office supplies in a separate container
  • Place all non-recyclable materials in trash receptacles
  • Ensure that all materials have been properly separated before pickup

Larger items such as desks, shelves, etc. should be handled through Surplus Property. It is essential that all these procedures are followed so Recycling & Waste Management may better serve the entire campus community. If you have any questions, please call 621-1264 or email

Thank you for recycling your materials, thereby saving the University money and increasing recycling awareness on campus. We look forward to working with you.