University of Arizona

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1597 E. 16th St. PO Box 210498
Tel. (520) 621-3028

Hours of operation are:
M-F 6am to 2:30pm

The Garage/Motor Pool Compound must be entered and exited via Campbell Avenue.

Garage Services

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Gas Card

Gas cards are required in order to purchase gas from the U of A Garage Compound. To obtain a gas card, please send us an Authorization Memo supplying the following information:

  • FRS Account number
  • UA Vehicle number
  • Dept. Name and number
  • Contact Name and number
  • Vehicle make, model, and year

To change a FRS account number, please bring a memo indicating old and new FRS account numbers and your gas card to the Garage complex.

Please note: Only U of A departments may obtain Gas Cards!