University of Arizona

Equipment List

NOTE: Price increase as of September 1, 2014

All equipment is available for set up on or off campus. For on campus setup all custodial and grounds services can also be arranged through the special events office. This would include extra trash receptacles, restrooms serviced and any blue staking and irrigation needs for your events.

Public Address system can also be ordered through this office if needed for use with the podium or stand alone use.

  • 6' banquet tables $3.00
  • 48" round tables (seat up to 6) $6.00
  • 60" round tables (seat up to 8) $7.00
  • 36" round High-tops cocktail tables $8.50
  • 36" round low-top Bistro type tables (seats 4) $8.50

We can also provide linens for the above equipment if we receive adequate notice before event.

  • Risers (staging) 4' X 4' sections $5.00 each section (skirting can be added at additional cost with adequate notice)
  • Steps for risers $5.00 each set
  • A carpeted speakers platform 4' X 4' X 1' $7.00
  • Padded chairs rent for .75 limited quantities and only for inside events
  • Plastic folding chairs .25
  • Podiums rent for $12.00
  • Set of Flags US AZ and UA rent for $5.00
  • Easels rent for $ 2.00
  • Stanchions, retractable rent for $5.00
  • 4' X 8' student grade poster boards rent for $9.00

Labor billed at a per man-hour rate and will vary as to size and requirements of event.